Reading for Pleasure at FLA

Reading for Pleasure
Reading for pleasure is promoted at Foxhole Learning Academy, whilst we teach the skills for reading through our guided reading sessions, we also want children to choose their own books to read of their own volition. 
We have begun our journey working with Mrs Findlay, who is a Reading for Pleasure Specialist working with the Kernow English Hub. In order to foster readers' desire and engagement in books, we are undertaking a year long project to improve our own subject knowledge via the Transforming Your School's Reading Culture CPD which is run in association with the Open University. 

We are beginning with our own subject knowledge. In order to successfully foster Reading for Pleasure, the Teachers as Readers research project found that teachers need a wide and up to date knowledge of children’s literature and other texts.

Developing this subject knowledge enables teachers to:

  • Engage enthusiastically and reciprocally as readers in school
  • Make one to one reader recommendations tailored to specific children
  • Articulate an informed and strategic rationale for selecting/using texts as part of their RfP pedagogy
  • Identify multi-layered texts that inspire and enrich literary experiences
  • Build reciprocal and interactive reader to reader relationships with staff and children.
We are beginning with refurbishing our school library and have begun to audit our books so that there is a wide range of both fiction and non-fiction texts which reflect the world in which we live today. This will give us a strong foundation, in which we will be able to confidently use Book Talk to recommend books which are linked to the children's interests and also allow us to introduce new titles which the children may not have considered before which will widen their reading palette. 
Gallery of Book Opening Pages
Around the school, we have displayed these opening pages from a wide range of books to foster book talk and to encourage children to go on and read the books. We have a copy of each in the library. This is a great way for children to discover new authors and discover an exciting to story to immerse themselves in. It is lovely to see the children stop and read them and say 'Ooooh that looks good, I want to read that!' We have overheard conversations where other children will say they have read it and recommended it to their friends!
Pages printed from The Literacy Shed.
Non-Fiction Picture Books
Our newest non-fiction book additions for our library.
Whole School Online Library to be shared with parents.
Please remember online safety and supervise children when using Youtube.
Here are some great resources from the  'A Little But a Lot' blog for when children have completed a book and want the story to last a little longer!
Books for Topics-Recommended Reads!