At Foxhole Learning Academy, we want music to be an enjoyable experience for all participants, both children and teachers.  Our music curriculum intends to inspire creativity and self-expression.  Our aim is to foster a life-long love of music by giving the children the opportunities to experience a diverse range of musical styles and to become confident and reflective musicians.


We use the Charanga Musical School Scheme.  This has clear progression and is a practical, exploratory child-led approach to musical learning.   The interrelated dimensions of music are woven throughout the scheme so that all children can develop their musical skills.  Children have the opportunity to listen and appraise, partake in a variety of musical activities (including singing, playing tuned and untuned percussion instruments, improvising, composing) and perform.

There are also other opportunities for music across the curriculum.  Areas of learning, such as times tables in maths, vocabulary in languages and movement in dance can all incorporate different elements of music. A weekly singing assembly allows the children opportunities to develop their singing skills. Events such as the Christmas Nativity, Carol Service, end of year show etc demonstrate that music is important to the life of the school.


The impact of using Charanga Musical School Scheme for our music curriculum will be that all children have the opportunity to perform and develop musical skills, use music as a form of expression and develop a love of music and an appreciation of different styles of music.    This will be seen through children understanding and using subject specific vocabulary as well as retaining and building on their knowledge and understanding of music.