Merlin Class

Merlin Class 2021-2022
Miss Stephanie Redington

Year 1/2 Teacher

Miss Becky Cox

Teaching Assistant and Breakfast Club / Lunch Supervisor

Mrs Jackie Commons

Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor

8th June
Merlin Class have loved exploring some of Picasso's famous pieces of artwork. We have created our own 'Blue Portraits' and created portraits by collaging. We have also been very busy in Science conducting different experiments to see what plants need to survive and grow. We have taken part in a 'Reading for Pleasure' activity which we loved. It was nice to have time to read for fun and explore beautiful picture books with friends. In guided reading, we are really enjoying our current book 'The Bear and the Piano' and have found it exciting predicting why the bear might have kept his eyes shut.  
10th June 
Merlin class took part in a fun geography lesson where we tried different fruits from all around the world and looked at where they came from. They have also loved stamping and finding the pulse in music. In English, the children have enjoyed creating missing posters for mysterious footprints that arrived in our class. 
27th May
Merlin class have had a lovely end to the half term. Some of our highlights have included dressing up for the Queen's Jubilee and  wearing our pjs for our class dojo reward.
20th May 
Merlin class have thoroughly enjoyed participating in Science Week this week.  They have completed lots of interesting investigations throughout the week including: exploring how cress grows, trying to change the colour of a flower, creating rainbows by dissolving sugar, exploring where bugs live and making raisins dance. 
6th May
Merlins have had a fun and very busy start to the summer term. Our new unit in DT is called 'Dips and Dippers'. We really enjoyed tasting and trying a range of different dips. What is your favourite dip? 
Merlins have also enjoyed taking part in a very interesting money sense lesson discussing the difference between needs and wants. We talked about how although we might like a new game for our tablet, it isn't something we need to survive like food. What would you like to buy if you could? 
Summer Term
This term our topic is Heroes. 
In geography, our focus will be looking at where our food comes from, how it is made and how it arrives in supermarkets. 
In Science, we will be looking at animals including humans and learning about life cycles of a small range of animals. 
In PE, we will be taking part in lots of different team games. 
In PSHE we will be thinking about our feelings and how we can recognise how someone else might be feeling. 
8th April
Merlin class have been very busy on the run up to the Easter holidays. We had an author come in and visit us and we really enjoyed creating shape monsters. We have also been busy conducting lots of science experiments including melting wax on to a piece of felt to change its properties and make it waterproof. Our highlight of the term had to be when the Easter Bunny came to visit though! 
18th March
This week Merlin class have been busy conducting a science experiment. They dropped different balls from a height of 1 metre. Then we recorded in a table the height each ball bounces. Merlin class really enjoyed comparing the uses of everyday materials.
 24th June
Over the past 2 weeks Merlin class have been very busy. We went on a school trip to Discovering 42 on Wednesday and had great fun participating in lots of fun science activities. We have also been really lucky and be given the opportunity to visit the ducklings in Little Owls.