At Foxhole Learning Academy, we want to develop a positive culture of deep understanding, confidence and competence in mathematics.  We use mathematics as part of everyday life on a daily basis.  It is important therefore that mathematics forms an integral part of the curriculum, being taught through daily specific mathematics lessons and used and applied as part of teaching and learning in other subjects.  We want to ensure that children develop an enthusiasm and enjoyment for mathematics which will empower them in future life.  We believe that mathematical fluency is an essential life skill for all learners and is a pre-requisite to being able to reason and problem solve mathematically.


We follow the White Rose Maths progressions and schemes of learning.  White Rose Maths is influenced, inspired and informed by the work of leading mathematics researchers and practitioners across the world.  Their mantra is ‘everyone can do maths: everyone can’ and has proven to develop confident and resilient mathematicians who enjoy the challenge of maths.  Mathematical concepts are broken down into small steps to ensure that all children can develop mastery.  Children use the concrete, pictorial, abstract approach to deepen their knowledge and understanding.


The impact of using White Rose Maths for our mathematics curriculum will be that all children are confident mathematicians who can talk about their learning and the links between different areas of mathematics.  This will be seen through children using and applying mathematical language, knowledge and skills both in mathematics lessons and across the curriculum. 

Times Tables Rock Stars

We use the online Times Tables Rock Stars programme, where children are able to compete against their own score and friends to improve their multiplication knowledge. When it comes to times tables, speed AND accuracy are important – the more facts children remember, the easier it is for them to do harder calculations. Times Table Rock Stars is a fun and challenging programme designed to help master the times tables! To be a Times Table Rock Star you need to answer any multiplication fact up to 12×12 in less than 3 seconds!