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4th July 2022
Today in Kestrel Class, the children have enjoyed a traditional Cornish treat! We have been discussing local festivals as a part of our RE learning, and today we investigated the fact that The Harvest Festival originated in Cornwall. We discovered that it is traditional to share a saffron bun at religious festivals and events, so we tried some. The children seemed to enjoy them, and gobbled them up in no time!
Friday 24th June 2022

This week in Kestrel Class, the children visited an interactive science museum that was created out of purely recycled materials.  Discovering 42 led a workshop for the children that was based on electricity, which is our current science unit. It was incredible to see the children helping each other to create a range of single and parallel circuits, allowing them to light up bulbs and provide power to windmills. Their final task was to build their own 'buzz wire game', challenging their friends to reach the end of the copper wire, without the buzzer going off!  The glorious weather meant that everybody could have a picnic outside, and a play in the park before an afternoon of exploring the main museum. Great fun was had by all, and Kestrels were in awe of the different creations and scientific inventions. Well done for being so amazing Kestrel Class! 
Friday 10th June 2022

This week in Kestrel Class, The Cornish Pirates came in to give the children a PE lesson. The focus was on ball handling skills, including catching and passing, and there was a range of activities which allowed them to earn up to 500 points! Neil, the coach, explained to the children that rugby was often a sport that children had not tried before, and that it was important to remember that mistakes help us to learn and grow. The children were extremely resilient, and worked incredibly well as a team to support each other and provide words of encouragement. The weather did not dampen Kestrel's spirits, but they have their fingers crossed for some better weather next week so that we can go on the school field. Well done Kestrels!
Thursday 26 May 2022
Today in Kestrel Class, Mrs Findlay delivered a mystery parcel - she was almost as excited as the children! Our new Library monitors unwrapped our gifts, and the class were thrilled to see that it was two new books.
The first book was called 'Sherlock Bones and the Case of the Crown Jewels'. Having read the blurb we realised that it is a puzzle adventure challenge, which includes games and mazes. The children can't wait to solve the mystery. 

The second book was called 'Granny Came Here on the Empire Windrush'. We discussed, as a class, what the Windrush experience was and how it is important to consider the struggles and achievements of the Windrush generation. We cannot wait to read this heart-warming account of Granny's personal experience. 

Thank you for our wonderful new books Mrs Findlay, the children cannot wait to read them!
Year 4 Multiplication Check
The Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) is an assessment that the Government has recently introduced for all pupils in Year 4. It is an online assessment that has been designed to assess whether pupils can recall their times tables fluently, which is essential for future success in mathematics. It will also help schools to identify pupils who have not yet mastered their times tables, so that additional support can be provided.

The children will completing their assessments after the half term break. Please take a look at the presentation below for some additional information and ways to support your child. 
Tuesday 24th May 2022

Today in Kestrel class, the children have been considering what they have been learning about with regards to a healthy lifestyle. The children were posed with the question: 

'Is it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle?' 

It was fantastic to see everybody so passionate about such an important topic! The children immediately got to work on providing a range of arguments to support their viewpoint. The lesson ended with a debate, where the children demonstrated respect of others opinions throughout. The vocabulary that the children used to debate was incredible and extremely persuasive. It was definitely evident to see how much they all cared!
Friday 20th May 2022
Today in Kestrel Class we have been investigating the link between jobs and money. We considered what a job was, and discussed that it is important to remember that not all jobs are paid. The children carefully considered the difference between a salary, an hourly rate and commission and discussed the impact of each. They all did a great job of matching the different salaries to the job title and all shared their high aspirations for their futures. 
Friday 20th May 2022

This week in Kestrel Class, we have been celebrating Science Week! We started the week by investigating how well different materials absorb water, using sugar cubes, and the results showed that the children made some fantastic predictions. The children's enthusiasm for Science was fuelled by a visit from a teacher at Brannel Secondary School, who demonstrated some very exciting experiments. Kestrel Class have also investigated how clouds form, and what happens when precipitation falls. It has been fantastic to see all of the children so passionate - Well done Kestrels!


Wednesday 18th May 2022

Today in Kestrel class, and across the wider school, we had the great privilege of having Para Olympian David Hill come in to talk to the children about his numerous successes as an athlete. David was born with no left forearm but was brought up to believe there was no such word as can't. Through hard work and passion, David went on to represent Great Britain at the highest level for 15years. David is a 2 x Paralympian in Swimming & Triathlon, World & European Medallist, British Champion and was Team GB's Youngest Athlete at the Athens 2004 Paralympics and Top 10 Finisher in the Rio de Janerio 2016 Paralympic Games. 

David Hill shared his many highs, and lows, with the children; explaining to them that his achievements are down to a positive mental attitude and a lot of determination. The children were truly inspired by his achievements, which meant that they went into their circuit training with even more drive to succeed. I was extremely impressed with Kestrel class' ability to complete the circuit - they showed great resilience. Well done Kestrels!
Friday 6th May 2022
Over the past few weeks Kestrel Class have been investigating the importance of effectively managing money. Natwest kindly sent us some information on credit and debit cards and when best to use them. As part of this learning we discussed what needs and wants were and the difference between them. We also talked about the impact that financial worries can have on our wellbeing which is why it is so it important to learn how to effectively manage our money in the future. The children did a fantastic job at managing Mr Williams bank balance and deciding how he should pay for different things. Well done Kestrels!
Summer Term
This term our topic is Heroes. As part of this learning we will be investigating megacities across the world, as well as changing technologies and their impact. 
In science, the children will start the term by learning about forces and magnets. The children will start by looking at different types of magnets and magnetism before moving on to forces between two objects.
In PSHE, Kestrel class will be considering what a healthy lifestyle is and how it can be achieved both physically and mentally. The children will also be learning how to play tennis, including different ball skills and rules of the game.
8th April 2022
This week Kestrel Class took part in an incredible workshop that was run by Kernow King. The children learnt about communications and the vital role that Cornwall plays in it's success around the world. Kernow King set the children a problem solving challenge where they had to look at different pieces of evidence to solve clues that all related to communications in Cornwall. Kestrel class then finished the workshop with a snakes and ladders inspired communication game.
Friday 18th March 2022
This week Kestrel class have been to Polkyth Leisure Centre every morning for some swimming lessons. The children have improved significantly and shown commitment and resilience when faced with some tricky tasks. During the swimming lessons Kestrel class have also learnt the importance of being able to swim and what they should do in an emergency.
Friday 4th March 2022

This week Year 3 have had their first brass lesson of the term. The children were taught about the variety of brass instruments that they will be playing this term. They practiced using the different keys for the notes and started to learn a song. 

Spring Term
This term our topic is Elements. As part of this learning we will be investigating the different changes to our local environment and their cause, both now and in the past.
In science, the children will start the term by learning about different states of matter including liquids, solids and gases. During the second half of term, Kestrel Class will be learning about living things and their habitats. 
The children will also be learning to play a brass instrument throughout the term. Kestrel class will be learning different notes in order to play a range of songs, including 'Fish and Chips' and 'Hot Cross Buns'.