History Intent
At Foxhole Learning Academy, we are passionate that our history curriculum provides the children with the subject specific skills and cross curricular skills needed in order to move into the next year group and beyond; by turning the children into historians during lessons, they take ownership of their role, giving children the opportunity to understand how our world has developed. During history we encourage all of our children to be curious and inquisitive learners, and use enquiry led lessons to engage the childrens' sense of curiosity. 
  • Understand the past and how it will affect their future, creating a cultural identity
  • Represent a diversity of cultures
  • Give children the opportunities and skills to think critically
  • Develop knowledge of how people’s lives and events have shaped this nation and how Britain has influences and been influenced by the wider world
  • Making connections and links: local, regional, national and international history; cultural, economic, military, political, religious and social history; short and long-term time-scales.
  • Develop historical enquiry skills across year groups