The team at Foxhole Learning Academy understand the immense value technology plays in supporting the computing and whole school curriculum, day-to-day life of our school and also the increasing role it plays in our pupils’ lives as they grow older. We believe that technology can provide: enhanced collaborative learning opportunities; better engagement of pupils; easier access to rich content; support conceptual understanding of new concepts and can support the needs of all our pupils.
Our aim is for all our pupils to develop their computational thinking skills and creativity. We provide staff with training and resources to carry out effective teaching of computing. Our our chosen scheme is Purple Mash. This was selected because it provides a clear progression of all the skills and knowledge.
The use of Purple Mash across the school underpins the curriculum needs for all of these areas. Additionally, it enables us to forge cross-curricular links across the curriculum allowing them to continually practice and improve the skills they learn. This ensures children become digitally literate, so that they are able to express themselves and develop their ideas through information and computer technology safely in the digital world. Internet Safety St Newlyn East Learning Academy takes internet safety extremely seriously.
We have an E-Safety Policy that provides guidance for teachers and children about how to use the internet safely. Every year group participates in lessons on e-safety and children understand how to stay safe when using technology.
From foundation upwards, we use Purple Mash as a cohesive scheme of work addressing the statutory aspects of the National Curriculum. We are confident that the design of Purple Mash provides clear progression as it is a comprehensive suite of online learning tools and content, designed to be used by primary aged children in the classroom and at home. They are able to use technology imaginatively and creatively whilst also becoming efficient learners and critical thinkers.
We endeavour to ensure that computing is not seen as a stand-alone subject, but is incorporated into many other areas of our curriculum. Cross-curricular teaching helps enthuse and equip children with the capability to use technology throughout their lives. We believe that this transference of skills can aid in teaching pupils the strategies and knowledge necessary to enable them to reap the benefits of the online world, whilst being able to minimise risk to themselves or others.
The impact of our computer curriculum will also be measured by how effectively it helps our pupils develop into well rounded individuals who embody our values and carry with them the knowledge, skills, and attitudes which will make them lifelong learners and valuable future citizens. Progress is measured through regular teacher assessments and work done through Purple Mash is saved electronically in the children’s personal document folders. The impact of our computing curriculum is that when children leave Foxhole Learning Academy they will have a love of computing.